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Project Status: Bid Phase

  • AISD HUB Program is in effect for this project.
  • See the HUB Compliance Guidelines in the Project Manual for complete information.

    The project consists of accessibility improvements around the campus site (exterior only). The project scope is broken down into Four Bid Packages (Bid Package 1, Bid Package 2, Bid Package 3, and Bid Package 4).

  • Pond Courtyard - Addition of new accessible gate hardware, pre-finished sheet metal boots where indicated in drawings, and occupancy signage.
  • Green House / Coop Courtyard - New accessible gate hardware and accessible signage.
  • Main Entry Courtyard Pre-finished sheet metal boots where indicated in drawings, salvage and re-use of existing concrete pavers.
  • Striping sealant from existing concrete at an existing exterior walkway
  • Modify existing handrail to provide an opening and TAS compliant handrail extensions at the landing.
    Civil: The civil improvements include the following:
  • Demo and replacement of several exterior sidewalks, landings, ramps, and corner curb ramps for accessible path
  • Re-work of ADA parking spots/striping and striping for drive up access aisles.
  • Addition of an accessible path in the Pond Courtyard as well as demo and replace landing at door.
  • New accessible landing at the Green House /Coop Courtyard.
  • New accessible route to garden beds and track
  • Various drainage interventions
    Other: Landscape: The landscape improvements include the following:
  • Pond Courtyard New fence, accessible gate, and planter bed.
  • Green House / Coop Courtyard - New fence, accessible gate and hardware.
  • Main Entry Courtyard New mulch and butter block seating blocks.

    COST ESTIMATE: $350,000

  • PDF (Download): No cost.
    ALL FILES for this project may be downloaded from the Current Full Set folder. The files shown in the subfolders are the same as those shown in the Current Full Set folder.
  • Printed (Non-Refundable): Please email dsc@millerids.com.
  • Printed (Refundable): $100 Company Check to Austin ISD.
  • NOTE: All sets are printed on a first come first serve basis.
  • E-mail all requests for Bid Sets (Refundable or Non-Refundable) to: planroom@millerids.com.
    *Purchase Prices are based upon the Bid Documents at time of Initial Issuance. Addendum and related materials at time of Order will alter this cost.

    Adelaide Powell, Digital Services Coordinator
    Miller Imaging & Digital Solutions
    Ph.: 512-381-5289 (Direct)

  • Listed Company: Austin ISD Contract and Procurement
    PREBID Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 10:00 AM
    BID Due Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021 2:00 PM
    Location: Blanton ES: 5408 Westminster Drive | Austin, TX 78723  View a Map of this Location
    BID Type: Competitive Sealed Proposal
    BID Opening Location: Virtual; See Project Manual Forms 1-6
    PREBID Location: Virtual and Site Visit; See Project Manual Forms 1-6
    Technical Questions: Austin ISD Contract and Procurement
    Name: Morgan Wright
    Email: morgan.wright@austinisd.org
    DEPOSIT Bid Doc Cost: $100 Check Payable to Austin ISD
    DEPOSIT Bid Doc Return Date: 04-09-2021
    Addendum Issued: 03
    Date Addendum Issued: 03-08-2021